Wild Plant Guide 2018 Foraging Calendar

Introducing the 2018 Wild Plant Guide foraging calendar.

Here is the latest yearly foraging calendar from Wild Plant Guide.  Once again it features 36 species, with their common and scientific names given.

The calendar is a double A4 size, with plenty of space in the daily boxes to write down your important reminders.

The main photos have snippets of edible information provided,  while further knowledge of the individual species, such as medicinal uses, how to identify them and such like, can be gleaned from other pages here on this site, for example  in the seasonal wild food guides.

image of rock samphire, one of 36 plants in the 2018 foraging calendar
rock samphire, one of 36 plants in the foraging calendar

I have been producing these calendars since 2015. Each year I try to include a significant number of new plants, as well as showing different shots of previously displayed species, taken at a different time of year, revealing other aspects and identifying features.

Image of silver birch, one of the plants in the 2018 foraging calendar

This foraging calendar also has full moon, new moon, equinox and solstice dates as well as the usual bank holidays, so you should never miss a foraging opportunity in 2018!

You can get a calendar from the foraging resources shop,  where  you can also find a range of other gifts, games and resources. Happy foraging!

Foragers Plant Families SNAP Cards!

Learning can be fun and games with my new foragers plant families SNAP cards!

The new foragers plant families snap cards features 64 cards in the deck, with 32 species in 8 plant families, helping you and your kids spot the patterns of plants and plant families, and enabling you to fast track your foraging fun.

All the foragers plant families snap cards have the common and scientific names on them, as well as the plant family. In this way, players can learn about the relationships and patterns that similar related plants reveal.The foragers plant families snap cards

These latest cards join my popular foragers playing cards and the foragers ‘top trumps’ style card game and are available now. The foraging resources shop is now fully functioning, so you can have a deck as soon as you want

Happy foraging!