Foraging St John’s wort

Hypericum perforatum  (St Johns wort) Hypericaceae familyThis summer-flowering medicinal plant grows wild and free throughout many areas of Britain. With a liking of numerous settings it will be easy for foragers to find St John's wort, and with unique observable characteristics, it is simple … Continue reading

Foraging Coltsfoot

Foraging coltsfoot - An ancient and potent herbal medicine for the lungs Tussilago farfara - Coltsfoot. Asteraceae family We have been foraging coltsfoot for medicine for thousands of years, and its importance to our materia medica remains. We know from Roman times that this herb was one of … Continue reading

Toxic and poisonous plants.

Toxic and poisonous plants: To learn them is to leave them! When starting out on your foraging adventures, plant identification books should always, always be used so that you can get to know the toxic and poisonous plants. Safety is paramount. If in doubt, leave it out! The British Medical … Continue reading