‘Forager’s Friend’ Cards

Learning can be fun with new pocket-sized foraging identification cards.

#Foragers Friend

A Plant Identification and Foraging adventure quest game for everyone!

This new card game from Wild Plant Guide encourages social media users of all ages who love missions, challenges, and getting out into nature, to become successful foragers by using these handy, pocket-sized, seasonal sets of ‘field-guide style’ identification cards to complete different seasonal foraging adventure quests.

Played in real time and online, the foraging adventure quest game is free to play, and a fun extra way of learning about edible wild plants from a useful foraging resource. In time, they will help you confidently identify plants when out silent hunting in the field.

Foraging opportunities never cease. The Four seasonal sets of 18 species are categorised as such only really to help you become familiar with a range of commonly found species as the seasons pass. Many plants could have been included in a different season, because they have different parts to harvest at different times of the year.

In practice, the 72 species are of interest to foragers all year round. There are currently two sets of 18 finished, with the autumn and winter ones due for release at the end of September and beginning of December.

Measuring in at a handy pocket-sized 9 x 9 cm, each card has a colour photo of the species, typically showing at least one key identification feature, while the reverse side lists botanical and habitat descriptions, in bullet points. This combination should also help you spot the wrong plants too!

The foraging adventure quest game is free to play for all who buy the identification cards, and simply involves participating in the foraging missions; then finding and photographing the seasonal sets of plants, and uploading all your files to social media, using a hashtag #ForagersFriend on:

Twitter @Wildplant_guide  https://www.twitter.com/wildplantguide

Facebook @wildplantguide  https://www.facebook.com/wildplantguide

Instagram @wildplant_guide  https://www.instagram.com/wildplant_guide

The forager who sends the most photos within the allotted timescale, wins a prize of their choosing from my various foraging and plant identification resources and courses.

Please note this deck is for educational and enjoyment purposes.

Not all of the plants or plant parts in this deck are edible or medicinal, but they are to be known to save mis-identification and accidentally ingesting them.

Foraging requires research and recognition.

Please visit my website archives for more information www.wildplantguide.com