Month-by-month Guide

The Foragers monthly wild food guide.

What’s in season now in the UK?

Every month plants and fungi reappear on the foraging radar,  and this ongoing creation of a month-by-month wild food guide offers  an-at-a glance look at a selection of what plants are currently in season.

As the year progresses the new monthly wild food guide will appear here.

January wild food guide

February wild food guide

March wild food guide

April wild food guide


I like to revisit certain plants at different times of the year to harvest a range of plant parts, from roots to seeds. Particular plant species will provide 6 or 7 different plant parts! This monthly wild food guide reflects our re-visiting over the course of the year.

Using the articles and pages on this website alongside these colour-coded harvest charts will highlight the sheer wealth of our natural larder, and ensure you don’t miss a foraging trick as the weeks roll on.  Identification help in the field during a rainy spell is now possible using these handy, pocket-sized, waterproof, tear-resistant plant identification cards.

More practical skills can always be learned on my upcoming foraging walks and courses. Discounts for group bookings. Larger private groups can be tailored for. Simply drop me a line with your request