Online Wild Food Foraging Course

‘Foragers friend’ online wild food foraging course.

Learn up to 52 plants. A different plant every week for a year, with e-access to tutors.

Welcome to the wild plant guide online wild food foraging class!

A foraging course you take at your leisure, at home or on the move.

Wild food enthusiasts need good identification skills. Either that or the variety of plants that can easily be identified will be limited to you.

This online foraging course is available in various course packages and can be completed at your own pace.

As a beginner, and as we continue to progress our learning, it’s really helpful to know the basic plant family patterns for each plant family, as well as knowing what each of the specific telling differences are for each plant, and of course, where to look. Many of the plants are found growing for most of the year.

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There will be 52 plants in total to find and identify (articles on a number of these plants are found in the Edible Wild Plants category, listed to your right).

Gain access to the course in two ways:

  • Subscriptions
  • Purchasing the Foragers Friend Cards

You choose to have the plants presented to you in a number of ways:

  • Weekly – One plant per week will be introduced for you to study. with access for 7 days.
  • Monthly – Four plants are presented in each monthly format, with access for 30 days.
  • Seasonally – A bakers dozen of 13 plants are presented to you in a seasonal set with access for thirteen weeks
  • Six monthly -26 plants presented with access to online tutor for six months.
  • Yearly – All 52 plants presented at the beginning of the course, with access all year


With each package you recieve a file with plant photos and information on each species. Each week you can recieve two sessions  with access to an on-line tutor for 2 hrs each session, and at a specified time in the early evening (6-9pm weekdays) (11 am -2pm Sundays). This is when you can submit photos for assistance on i/d or to register your positively-identified findings.

When you have positively identified all the plants and your online foraging tutor has verified your results, then you can begin even more foraging adventures by completing the #ForagingQuests. This bonus learning level also qualifies you for free entry into each of the four seasonal foraging competitions with chances to win foraging prizes! Rules are simple: Whoever completes the most foraging quests in a foraging season wins a foraging gift of thier choice, available from the shop.

Membership packages include:

weekly  (52 per year)                                                         £2.50 per week

monthly (12 per year)                                                         £10 per month

Seasonal  (4 per year)                                                          £25 per season

Yearly  £75 per year



Plants covered during rhe year


Sea purslane, sea beet, salad burnet, ox eye daisy, bittercress, common sorrel, spear thistle, ground ivy, lesser celandine, red dead nettle, ground elder, smooth sow thistle.



meadowsweet, japanese knotweed, sea aster, stinging nettle, primrose, deadnettle, common hogweedwild garlic, perennial wall rocket, greater stitchwort, common mallow, hedge bedstraw, ribwort plantain.



fat hen, bittersweet, poison hemlock, pine apple weed, wild carrot, rock samphire, chamomile, wall bellflowers, burdock, rosebay willowherb, raspberry, blackberry, wild strawberry.



Himalayan balsam, walnut, hazel, sea buckthorn, elderberry, holly oak,  yew, dog rose, rowan, hawthorn, sweet chestnut, Fuchsia, Guelder rose.