Other Foraging Cards

Learning about foraging can be fun and games

These are my current cards available. More cards are planned and are hopefully due to be released by the end of 2018.

Foragers playing cards

The foragers playing cards feature 52 edible wild plants that are easily found in temperate climate zones like the UK.

The pictures do not necessarily show the plant part that can be eaten, but does show a characteristic identification feature of the plant.

Wild Plant Guide Foragers Playing Cards.

The two jokers are common edible mushroom species (mushrooms were historically classified as plants until the 20th century).

The cards are made with ‘surerslip’ texture, so are a suitable deck for card tricks.

Foragers ‘top trumps’ style card game

A foragers twist on a classic fun card game.

My Forager’s Trumps are based on the well known educational card game – ‘Top Trumps’ and can quickly help you become more familiar with our edible wild plants.

Featuring 36 species, the cards have five categories that are based on factual information and my subjective fancies.

The height, maximum altitude and UK abundance are typical approximates, based on information freely available online. The eye-catcher category tries to impress how easily a plant is spotted, and tastiness is only how I am rating them! Taste is very subjective!

The rules are simple.

How to Play Foragers Trumps…

Shuffle and deal out the cards.

The player on the dealers left starts by choosing one of the categories on the cards.

You all name your scores for that category, starting with the person choosing.

If you beat the other players scores on their cards for that category, you win their cards. The person who wins the cards chooses the category on the next turn.

The player eventually with all the cards, wins.

Foragers Plant Families SNAP cards

There are 64 cards in this SNAP deck (32 species), with the cards arranged into eight sets of four plant families. This is primarily to help you become familiar with, and be able to spot, the patterns, or shared features that closely related plants produce.

You are never to young to learn about edible wild plants! These unique Plant families SNAP cards are specifically designed for young children and their parents to quickly learn to recognise and identify our edible and medicinal wild plants.

The plant families covered are:

The buttercup, mint, carrot, daisy, dock(buckwheat), pea, mustard and rose.

We receive information about the outside world all the time. By regularly playing with these cards with your children, you will quickly provide yourself and your child the ability to spot and recognise an array of useful-to-know species.


Please note these cards are for educational and enjoyment purposes. Not all of the plants or plant parts in this deck are necessarily edible or medicinal, but they need to be known to save mis-identification and accidentally ingesting them. Foraging requires research and recognition for rewards.

Please visit my website for more information www.wildplantguide.com