Foragers Friend Autumn Set


The Autumn set of Foragers Friend cards. These 13 cards are one of four seasonal sets of waterproof identification cards featuring commonly found edible wild plants.



The Foragers Friend Autumn Set are packed with tasty wild fruits and nuts for you to find and try. Our hedgerows are packed full of plant species that offer abundant harvests, and these species offer some of the best foraging Autumn has to offer.

These field guide style cards are waterproof and tear resistant, and therefore suitable for beginners plant identification work in the field.

Use in conjunction with the foragers glossary to help explain the minimal amount of technical terminology, and remember to take advantage of all the articles on the featured plants elsewhere in the website.

This set of 13 cards compliments the other seasonal sets giving you a great wild food larder to experiment with over the course of the year. This seasonal set costs £8.50 plus the post, or get all the seasonal sets for £30.

The plants featured in this seasonal set are often found at other times of year, with different plant parts to harvest.

The species featured in this set are:

Sea buckthorn, walnut, hazel, Fuchsia, Guelder rose, hawthorn, sweet chestnut, yew,  dog rose, rowan, elderberry, Himalayan balsam, and        holly oak.





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